[DEMO] Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight – 3 MOA, Gen 2

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Please note that demo units are UNUSED, but have been handled by customers. May have fingerprints/dust, but are not blemished or otherwise mishandled.

Steiner Micropistol Red Dot brings battle-proven durability and mil-spec ruggedness to pistol red dots with the NEW MPS (Micro Pistol Sight). All-metal construction and enhanced sidewalls completely seal in the emitter. A recessed window with a metal hood blocks objects from reaching the front lens making this one of the toughest pistol sights ever created.
At 2.05 oz, the Steiner MPS is compact and lightweight offering Steiner quality glass and a robust feature set including 8 brightness levels, user-selectable auto-off, and 13,000 hours of battery life.

The 1X magnification offers an undistorted image for both eyes open operation and complete situational awareness. The Steiner MPS 3.3 moa micro pistol red dot sight is compatible with most optic-ready pistols and baseplate adapters on the market.

We have noticed that some of the manuals with the new pistols do not come with the new instructions to disable the auto off function. The instructions are as follows:


Press and hold both “+ & – “buttons at the same time for 10 sec, the sight dot will flash indicating the programming has been accepted.

It is recommended the user do this with the brightens turned up to a high level, so the user can easily see the dot flash.
Repeat the same steps to Enable the Auto-Off function. Please note disabling the Auto-Off function also disables the highest brightness setting to optimize battery life.

Weight 2.05 oz

2 reviews for [DEMO] Steiner MPS Micro Pistol Red Dot Sight – 3 MOA, Gen 2

  1. Jack V

    It has the same mounting as acro which is very convinient. I only just recieved it and put a couple rounds through it. But, it seems like it can really take a beating. The sides are armored and the front glass is angled so its hard to hit directly. The glass and dot are super clean and its pretty easy to use.

  2. Esteban

    I have a couple PRDS. This one is reliable and solid. It hasn’t failed yet and I use it for duty use, instructing and its on my daily carry. No complaints here!

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