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JAG™ SPR Lower Receiver

5.00 out of 5
(1 review)

$374.99 $274.95

$374.99 $274.95

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The JAG is Lead & Steel’s intermediate-tier rifle intended for the commercial market. With many features borrowed from the All-Rounder Carbine, the JAG is meant to bridge the gap between rifle tiers and provide an offering that’s Just As Good.

Trigger: Our Enhanced Reliability Combat Trigger (ERCT) is borrowed from the ARC to give the JAG a sub 4lb trigger, with full mass hammer and mil std. springs for reliable primer ignition.

Controls: The JAG comes preinstalled with an enlarged trigger guard, bolt catch, and ergonomic Thril® furniture.

Why spend lot money when few money do trick?

Finish disclaimer:

The JAG, like our other products, prioritizes function over aesthetics; it is completely normal (and even expected) that your rifle will have small imperfections including forging marks, striations in the anodizing, tooling marks from our various CNC operations, handling marks from the test fire procedure, and varying shades between the aluminum.

All L&S aluminum components are finished in Type III hard coat anodize because of its surface hardness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Type III adds a 0.0015” layer of hard aluminum oxide to the substrate’s surface. This layer is grown via a proprietary, several step electrolytic bath that prioritizes surface protection over all else, and the resultant color is dependent upon the saturation of compounds in the various baths, dye concentration, dye mix ratio, aluminum oxide case depth, starting smoothness of the part, etc.

Rails, receivers and other aluminum parts can and will vary from one part to the next, even within the same batch. It is nearly impossible to have a perfectly matching JAG, thereby making each rifle unique. The photos above are a representation of what you will receive, but it may not be a 1:1. Even with the inherently inconsistent nature of anodizing, we consciously selected Type III Ano for surface finish longevity–to date, there is no cerakote (or other painted finish) that can beat it.

Additional information.

  • Color

    Charcoal, Earth, Olive


5.00 out of 5
(1 review)

1 review for JAG™ SPR Lower Receiver

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Robbie (verified owner)

    I’ll have to come back and add or edit as I haven’t fired the lower yet and dislike reviews that show them but fit and finish are fantastic. The olive anodize is sharp. Slapped it on an 18″ SPR upper and the trigger feels really clean and crisp. Knocked it out of the park based on looks. Customer service from L&S is fantastic so I know if there is an issue, they’ll take care of me.

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