[Pre-Owned] Trijicon ACOG® 3.5×35 BAC Riflescope -.308 / 7.62 BDC Red Horseshoe Reticle


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Optic is a pre-owned unit that came off a trade in rifle. Great condition with minimal imperfections and clean glass. The perfect optic for a SCAR or AR10 BR. Mfg 2017.

ACOG 3.5×35 Scope with Red Horseshoe BAC Reticle—includes Flattop Adapter. Features dual illumination (Fiber optics provides daylight illumination and tritium illuminates reticle at night). The ranging reticle is calibrated for 7.62 (.308 cal) flattop rifles out to 1200 meters.


  • The quality of the glass and multi-coated lenses maximize light-gathering capabilities and clear field of view with zero distortion.
  • Exceptional waterproof performance that exceeds military standards. Dry nitrogen-filled to eliminate fogging. This optic is tested to withstand and perform in extreme cold and heat with dry-nitrogen filled housing that mitigates fogging.
  • Fixed-power design allows for minimal moving parts to create a nearly indestructible sighting system.
  • “Both eyes open” shooting using Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept™ (BAC) feature allows for improved situational awareness.


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