Lead & Steel Mid-Length 4150 Nitride 5.56 16″ Barrel, Dimpled

sku: LS556B16


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In stock


Machined from a GM 4150 CMV blank, this Lead & Steel mid-length 4150 Nitride 5.56 16″ barrel, dimpled, is fully stress-relieved & 11° target crowned, with a gas nitride finish.

  • 0.750 journal
  • 0.076″ gas port, ideal for suppressed & unsuppressed shooting*
  • 1:8 Twist
  • 5.56 NATO chamber
  • Dimpled for gas block set screws
  • Sub-MOA guaranteed with MK262

*Our barrels are ported conservatively. Paired with a heavy buffer, you may experience stoppages with underpowered steel-cased ammo. To guarantee reliability with all ammo types, use a standard carbine buffer & spring, & run the system with a magazine of full power M193/M855, if new, before shooting steel. After an initial 30rd break in, steel-cased ammo can be used without issue.


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