Deep Dive Into The All-Rounder Carbine™

What has an anodized finish, is 13.9/14.5/16 inches long, and ticks all the boxes for the perfect rifle?

Official ARC Unveiling

Introducing the All-Rounder Carbine:

Redefining the Tier 1 rifle as the ultimate grab-and-go solution! Meticulously crafted, our AR-15 pattern rifle sets new standards in innovation and component quality, offering you the newest benchmark of reliability for the carbine experience. Explore our latest YouTube video, where we dive into a comprehensive dissection of each component of the ARC, highlighting the value of equipping yourself with the last duty rifle you will ever need.

free lp-1 promo

For the first two weeks of the ARC launch we are offering a free Promethean LP-1 (Non Aurawake) color matched with your ARC purchase. This LP-1 promo will be running until September 1st.

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