Geissele Automatics Super 42 [H2] Braided Spring and Buffer


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The Geissele Automatics Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo uses a unique three-strand braided buffer spring similar to the legendary German MG42 machine gun. This arrangement allows for better energy absorption and harmonic dampening by allowing the springs to flex separately against each other, increasing the reliability and improving the function of your AR-15. Includes an H2 heavy carbine buffer.

Note: This combo is not suggested for use with 300 Blackout subsonic ammunition.


  • Designed after the MG42 machine gun recoil spring
  • Provides a longer spring life and more reliable function
  • Includes a heavy H2 carbine buffer

For use with AR-15 Carbine receiver extensions only, will not work with A5 length or rifle length extensions.

Weight 7 oz


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