Aero Precision BREACH AR-10 Charging Handle LARGE LEVER – Black

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Aero Precision BREACH AR-10 Charging Handle LARGE LEVER – Black

The Aero Precision BREACH is a rugged, ambidextrous, precision-manufactured charging handle for the M5/AR308 platform.

The BREACH’s design utilizes a reinforced 7075 aluminum bar with ambidextrous levers featuring a patent-pending, dual-spring system that directs the force-of-use into the robust charging handle body. This allows the shooter to use a one-handed charging technique without compromising the part — a pitfall for traditional charging handles.

The large lever configuration provides an extended operating surface, perfect for a user with bigger hands or who wants easier manipulation of the charging handle.


  • Ambidextrous Controls: Ergonomically designed 7075 Aluminum levers allow the user to easily charge their firearm with either hand, while remaining low-profile & comfortable when slung.
  • Robust Construction: Reduced chamfer angles on the 7075 Aluminum reinforced bar design provide a strong foundation for the BREACH that is resistant to rotational flex or breakage.
  • Patent-pending Lever Mechanism: Transfers force-of-use away from the roll pins & into the top/head portion of the reinforced bar, protecting the charging handle in the most demanding circumstances.
  • Gas Deflection Shelf: Aligns with the upper receiver to redirect gas flow away from the users face when shooting suppressed.
  • Functional Design: Stylistic cuts on the charging handle also help to clear stuck carbon & debris from the upper receiver, while the spacer design seals & protects the lever mechanism from debris.

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